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The Home Rule Question

Two thirds of voters (68%) in England believe England should have its own Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament, according to a new ICM poll.

“England was not mentioned once in the leaders’ debate and has not featured at all during this campaign so far. Yet we now know people want a fairer way of making decisions that affect England.
“It suddenly feels like we are on the cusp of seismic changes to the way our politics is done. But so long as the unfair system we have at the moment persists it can only play into the hands of undemocratic voices like the BNP. With all the talk of reform in the air politicians should not duck the English question, but use the opportunity of St George’s day to say where they stand.


And the majority want less of Europe. Will we get it ?

The problem is that this plays into the hands of the federalists, Divide and rule, regionlisation by clever design.

"play into the hands of undemocratic voices like the BNP"


They're a political party with a particular set of policies (that I dont agree with). They persuade people to vote for them. They win seats in council and EU elections. Sounds just like any other political party to me. What's undemocratic about them?

Although I agrtee with the idea of an English PArliament, we should be very careful about changing the way the world works just because someone doesnt like one political view or another. There's nothing undemocratic about the BNP, unpleasant maybe, but certainly they work much the same way as the other parties.

Talking of last nights political game show (and I enjoyed Brown in his Alan Sugar role), I noted that Nick Clegg equated climate skeptics with far right organisations (in the Environment section of the program). What does that say about his credentials as a possible future Prime Minister? If a Lib-Dem or Labour/ Lib-Dem government comes into being, how long before your right to express a contrary opinion on the subject, is made illegal or, at the very least, seen as a subject only a neo-Nazi would raise?

The English question, likewise, should be discussed openly and debated logically. Personally, I would like to see an English Parliament based in the West country (possibly around Glastonbury), Call me sentimental!
Right, off to practice 'Jerusalem' for tonight!
Cheers all!

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