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Speed Cameras Useless - The Proof

Road safety groups have accused Swindon council of experimenting with people’s lives today after the town became the first in the UK to abolish speed cameras - Times Online - October 23, 2008

BBC News - No crash rise after Swindon speed camera turn-off - 22 April 2010
The number of accidents on roads next to Swindon's shrouded speed cameras is the same now as when they were active, according to council figures.
The five fixed cameras were covered in July last year after the Conservative-run borough council withdrew funding.
Swindon's Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors said they would turn the cameras back on if they had the chance....

So the experiment has been done, the brave motorists of Swindon have risked all, the results are in. But still the command and control freaks want to ignore the science....

And on how many different subjects could I write that?


As long as the control freaks continue to have easy access to large amounts of our money they will always find ways to spend it - whether or not it is justified.

The real answer is to turn off the funding tap and to make councils publish what they spend down to very fine levels of detail so we can see what they do with the money they raise. Moving towards a much higher level of local revenue raising (income tax, sales tax, whatever) would also constrain them as tax competition would arise to keep the spendaholics under control.

The electronic speed limit reminder signs in Swindon are just as effective for slowing you down. And that's the point of this stuff, right?

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