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I am just going outside and may be some time

Off to the Pub for a Gentlemen's St George's Day lunch; look after the place whilst I'm gone.


As long as you had a few on my behalf... I know you did, though.

Looks like November is becoming more and more likely, failing any untoward accidents / circumstances. (Ask Mr. FM for details.)

I would send my Gentleman's gentleman around to hold the fort. But I will be there myself instead as I hear you have some rather fine old Glenffidich in a cupboard somewhere and I could not guarantee he would leave as much as a drop for you. I will.

A Green MP? Look to Tasmania.

We have just had an election which decidedly threw out the Labor shonks after years and years of lunacy and rorts. The results were (in a 25 seat Parliament) Labor 10, liberal (Oz 'Conservatives') 10, Green 5.

The liberals has 2.1% more votes than Labour.

So of course, as per the Will of the People (not!), the Governor invited the past Premier - lab - to form a Gumnut with the Greens. Hello ! The Green leader was eventually offered a Ministry but he insisted that his de Facto also had one !! The 'largest minority' didn't get a look in.

And you thought the UK politicos were crooks and shonks. It is 'Modern Art' here.


"Looks like November is becoming more and more likely,"

Can't you get him home any earlier than that?

It was only supposed to be a luncheon, and his Missus is bound to start asking questions...

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