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Pavement Vermin

Scientists say shoppers could learn a lot from migrating geese - Times Online

A study of pedestrian behaviour in a busy high street has shown that shoppers are inefficient. Unlike more competent species — such as ducks and geese — which form streamlined groups to increase their velocity, humans trundle along in a way that cuts their average speed between stores by about a fifth.
Our problem is that we fall into U or V-shaped formations so we can chat with our companions, but this slows both our progress and that of people coming the other way. We are clearly more concerned with chattering than arriving at our destination

The idea that shopping is some sort of leisure activity is bizarre and incomprehensible, and when I do venture to town the gaggles on the pavement frustrating my purposeful striding from boot-maker to wine-merchant is enough to make my normal placid bonhomie evaporate.
But now it is official, they are "as geese", but stupider, and deserve to be treated as such. Is there a closed season?


"Our problem is that we fall into U or V-shaped formations"

And the notable characteristic of a skein of geese is ... its V-shaped formation.

And the problemis?

If wimmin want to spend their time travelling from shop to shop and chatting to their mates while we are out shooting things then it means they are not complaining about us to us.

Sounds like win win to me. The longer it takes the better.

Great, steaming, heaps of...

Geese and other birds do indeed form up when travelling in groups. IN GROUPS, not individuals, of birds who have associated with each other for some time and established a "pecking order."

I am quite sure that an Army marching band also forms up to travel from point to point about a football patch. As do the teams. But the fans?

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