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Devizes Tories Threaten Orang-utans

Tories accused of hypocrisy over destruction of orang-utan habitat - Times Online

The Conservative Party has accepted donations from a wealthy British family that is accused of profiting from the destruction of one of the few remaining habitats of the orang-utan.
Although the party has a policy of protecting orang-utans, it has continued to accept donations despite evidence of the family’s links to a company involved in the destruction.

A local spat to me - the Green candidate for Devizes, Martin Felcher, is in a tizzy about one of my neighbours, the Keswicks, the ex Tai-pans. The link to Orang-utans is pretty flimsy which is probably why it took TWO of Murdoch's star reporters, Ben Webster, Environment Editor and Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor, to regurgitate the press release.
Thank goodness Murdoch hasn't any links with far eastern trading companies.


Has anyone else noticed that you never see an orang-utan and Gordon Brown at the same time?
Frivolous information I know, but it had to be aired.

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