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Where's Tony?

'So, then, Tony, why did you choose to embark on this £350,000 speaking tour of South East Asia when you could be back home, trying to save Labour from a drubbing in the general election?'

Given that each of his two appearances takes up just two hours of his time, this works out at £81,348 per hour, or £1,355 a minute, as near as damn it. Nice work if you can get it.
And of course that doesn't include his expenses including first-class air fares, five-star hotels, limousines, plus travel and accommodation for his ten-strong entourage, eight of whom are security men provided by HM government.
When Gordon Brown called the election it was widely expected the Blairs would be rolled out as Labour's secret weapon.
Wearing his other hat, as Middle East peacebroker, he had been in Israel when the planes were grounded by volcanic ash, but he had slogged out to Malaysia via Africa and Spain.
It was tempting to remark that, for £350,000, I'd have done the same. Instead I suggested that the inconvenience could hardly have come at a worse time, and that he must be keen to return to Britain and join the election fray.
Well, he replied with an impish grin that suggested the volcano had provided him with the perfect excuse, he couldn't possibly get back, could he?
'I just kept heading East,' he said with a shrug.

Cash not ash then is saving us from him, and he has already used up quite a few of his ninety days already this year....


Not such a good idea rolling out a war criminal in many people's minds.

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