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Iain Dale - Wrong on Internet Politics

General Election 2010: This was meant to be the internet election. So what happened? - Telegraph

This was supposed to be the election when internet politics came of age, when the blogosphere and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook had a real impact on the campaign. But it hasn't turned out like that: far from being an important player, the internet has become all but an irrelevance. So why has the web been the dog that hasn't barked?

Because T'internet has had its bite already. Iain is ignoring the bleeding corpses of politicians savaged over the last few years and of the withered husks that the parties have become as the energy of political involvement has moved on from supporting the donkey wearing the correct rosette to being actively involved.
Of course if you spend all day with your head up a donkey's arse trying to propel it to victory your view is limited...


Well summarised.

Now it is entrenched it will grow in influence and, hopefully, educate some of these rosette wearers to actually what is going on.

When I saw the headline I was looking forward to a well argued piece demonstrating why I was wrong. Instead, you demonstrate why I was right.


I thought that it was as well-argued as it needed to be. Sometimes less is more.

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