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Special School Vouchers

BBC News - David Cameron tackled over special needs in schools

Remember this? Should parents be given choice, should state schools be made to accept special need pupils, why are special schools shunned? Just give the parents of special need children the budget so they can wave the money at the headmasters. Mainstream schools get the extra dosh to accommodate them if they want to or special schools have to smarten up their act if they want to continue.
Simples, it is just the school voucher answer writ large.


If they really mean a flat zero alcohol limit then just about everyone will get caught because you will have alcohol in your bloodstream if you've swallowed cough mixture, eaten ripe plums, etc. As well as catching out rural folk it will also unfairly punish people who had a drink the day before and are perfectly safe to drive. The reactions of someone with a falling blood/alcohol ratio will be better than the same person with a rising ratio, even at the same concentration. If they're really being logical they would ask everyone to have a short before driving as more than one study has shown that drivers with a small amount of alcohol in their blood are safer than those who are sober.

There's a useful essay on the topic at www.abd.org.uk/abd-bac.htm.

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