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Latest Madness from the UEA

Wildlife documentaries infringe animals' privacy, says report | Environment | The Guardian

Wildlife documentary makers are infringing animals' rights to privacy by filming their most private and intimate moments, according to a new study.
Footage of animals giving birth in their burrows or mating crosses an ethical line that film-makers should respect, according to Brett Mills, a lecturer in film studies at the University of East Anglia.

Your taxes at work....


Sorry, the UEA analysis is just too simple, even trite.

It's only an invasion of privacy, or otherwise offensive, if the video and/or sound recordings are replayed to other animals of the same species.

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Nigel misses the point that filming young animals naked, well...

WV: Harry

This wouldn't have anything to do with Agenda 21, would it?

The lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.

imagine if the report were about plants

plants stick in your face ,spread their male seed in the wind and flaugnt vibrant colors,.... shouting "look at my genitalia.".

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