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Achtung Arschbomben!

German pensioner fined €14,000 for cannonball dives at public pool - Telegraph

A 74-year-old retired teacher, identified only as Axel G., was accused of terrorising a local pool, where cannonballs, or Arschbomben, are forbidden

Arschbomben - sheer poetry - did he hum a little tune as he did the run up, DA DADA DA DA DAH DADA DA DA DADA DAH DAH DADA DA DAHHHHH.....


Yet youths who terrorise whole council estates get nothing. Those brave council jobsworths and their swat teams sure knew how to handle that 76 year old. Pity it doesn't scale down to 11 year olds.

Typically the Telegraph mistranslates it as 'ass bombs'. The word has nothing to do with donkeys, as any fule kno.

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