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Shrinking Antarctic Ice - It is in Ohio!

Climatologist Ellen Mosley-Thompson on warming in Antarctica | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Ellen Mosley-Thompson and her husband, Lonnie Thompson, are two of the world's most respected climatologists and glaciologists, traveling around the globe to bore holes in shrinking glaciers and ice sheets. Mosley-Thompson works mainly at the poles, in Greenland and Antarctica, while her husband has done more ice corings of low-latitude glaciers — in the Andes, Africa, and the Himalayas — than any other person alive. Their work, taken together, paints a sobering portrait of the rapid retreat of most of the world's glaciers and ice caps in the face of the buildup of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

Several months ago, during the Antarctic summer, Mosley-Thompson — the director of the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University — returned to Antarctica for the ninth time to head a six-person expedition to the Bruce Plateau on the Antarctic Peninsula. The peninsula has warmed faster than almost any other place on Earth, with winter temperatures increasing by 11 degrees F over the past 60 years and year-round temperatures rising by 5 degrees F.

There then follows a lot of result mongering even though the analysis hasn't been done yet, the ice cores are in transit.
The impression is given that the Antarctic Peninsular is representitive of the whole Antarctic. The interesting question is why is this spot warming so fast compared to everywhere else. That isn't a global question. From the article the only special factor that disappearing ice has is that the Thompsons keep drilling holes in it and carting it back to Ohio....


The interesting question is why is this spot warming so fast compared to everywhere else

That's easy UHI. Its where there is now a fully functioning airport and all those bloody warmists are based.


and this is worth a read


Hot spots near the peninsula, eh? Wonder what causes that?



Volcanoes maybe?

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