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It Is Time To Pick The Losers

We don't want any one to win this election but we want some of them to lose more than the others.
Brown must lose, he must be trounced for his incompetence, his intrusive big statism and his ruining the country.
Clegg must lose because he is anti-British, he is an annoying irrelevance and any belief that he represents a serious party ridiculed.
BNP - nasty socialists.
UKIP - faded from view, failed to make europe an issue.
Smaller parties - wastes of ballot paper.
Cameron - He is still wrong on Europe and green policies, still waffling on the need for cuts and downsizing. He has already lost, if a Tory can't build and maintain a consistent lead over this Labour government then there is something very wrong. But we need him in No.10 as there is no other option, but only just. He needs to know every day that we didn't want him to win, just not lose as badly as the others.
So vote tactically to deliver that message.


Wonderful site for determining how you should vote - prepare to be surprised!


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