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The Election The Internet Won

Lembit dumped and Jacqui ditched – what a top night | Rod Liddle - Times Online

The hidden story of this election was the mass glee with which the public turned upon miscreants and, by extension, rewarded the decent. It doesn’t usually happen like this; the miscreants usually sneak back under the wire, under the chloroforming cover of the party ticket. But this time people, you know, took a real interest.

Pace Iain but this muddled result is exactly what you can expect if the blogosphere has a significant impact. Voters in constituencies have reacted to the information the internet has ensured has been broadcast. Individual politicians have been judged on their individual talents. Which is exactly the advantage of the first past the post system we have always been told. Of course at the first hint that the party donkey wearing a rosette may no longer be safe the parties suddenly realise they want to change the system.
The manifestos have been largely rendered irrelevant as a quick click on Google provides a broader view of any claim. And sorry Iain, being a pretty boy on television doesn't translate into votes anymore as Николай Clegg found out.
The turnout was high, people were interested and wanted to express a view. It is just that the view is no longer one the parties want to hear. Yes it is inconclusive, yes it is a muddle but that is how life is. A life that has found it's voice on t'internet rahter than in the parties.
And the grubby little deals being done will only further divorce the parties from the people.


It's funny how the election has already been won in the internet when in reality nobody won. And it's all so confusing when the Parliament has been hung.

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