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And gi' us a dram o' whisky for the teardrops in my eyes

DAVID Cameron will today be hit with a £700 million cash demand from Alex Salmond, when he comes to Scotland for the first time as Prime Minister.
..£350m of accelerated capital spending – money brought forward from future budgets to stimulate the economy.
He will also ask for £165m he claims Scotland is due as a result of London hosting the 2012 Olympics....
In addition, the First Minister will renew his calls for the Scottish Parliament to be given borrowing powers....

'Aggressive' beggar hit with banning order - Manchester Evening News
He was part of a group who slept rough, openly took drugs and sat on benches drinking alcohol....
He is prohibited from acting in an anti-social way and entering the gardens of properties without the owner's permission.
Dr Mervyn Harris, chair of bench, said: “Your behaviour has caused alarm and distress to very many people in England – people who are trying to earn an honest living, which seems to be a struggle for you.
“The people of England will no longer be plagued and blighted by your behaviour.”


Well, if he's really getting into Scottish Beggar mode, presumably Fishy Alex will also shamelessly ogle Samantha's boobs, aggressively offer chips to members of the PM's delegation and then drape his arm over Dave's shoulder before telling him repeatedly: "You .... Jimmy ..... you're ma pal. No dinae deny it ..... you're the bestest pal a man could have ...."

Love the juxtaposition!

I hope Cameron realises that Wee Eck's entire philosophy is based on just causing trouble whenever he can.

Asking for more money at a time when even he must know that more money is impossible (AND that he already gets far more than his share) is just par for the course.

And Salmond wants borrowing powers of his own? Give me strength. We already owe £700Bn or whatever it is, and this joker wants to increased it?

The PM should be polite and promise him nothing. Except possibly blood, sweat, and tears.

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