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Remind me who is charge...

HIP, HIP, goodbye! – Telegraph Blogs

“The parties agree to implement a full programme of measures to fulfil our ambitions for a low carbon and eco-friendly economy, including retention of energy performance certificates while scrapping HIPs.”

However, it is an interesting sign of the times that even the British Government, stretching its muscles and enjoying its new powers to the full, cannot get rid of this trivial irritant completely.
The coalition say they are keeping energy performance certificates “to fulfil our ambitions for a low carbon and eco-friendly economy” but experts point out this part of HIPs is compulsory under European Union law. So much for voting for change.


Dear Mr Castle

Nice work

Does that mean the floor plans currently filed with a Government Department (don't know which) are to be discontinued? Can I get my floor plan back? And why did they need a detailed floor plan of my home anyway?

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