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Sweet Farm Subsidies

Farm Subsidy by Constituency tells us which UK area gets the most farm subsidy.
Which bucolic Tory shire would you guess?

The answer: East Ham

Yes, East Ham in London tops the list with twice as much as the next ones, the Berwicks, a total of €763,726,965.82
And it all went to Tate & Lyle.

C Czarnikow Sugar Ltd only got €99,316,783.17 but then they are based in Islington where the soil isn't so fertile.

Guido points out that This week Cameron appointed Caroline Spelman to be the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Spelman spent her days before becoming an MP in the agri-business, with a lobbying focus mainly on sugar beet, one of the most heavily subsidised crops in Europe. She was the Sugar Beet Commodity Secretary for the NFU in the early eighties before becoming Deputy Director of the International Confederation of European Beet Growers. Seemingly well connected in the field, Caroline and her husband Mark went on to set up “Spelman, Cormack & Associates” in 1989 as a food and bio-technology lobbying company.
For over ten years the new Secretary of State, along with her husband, lobbied the very department she now runs. Caroline resigned as a director less than a year ago and conveniently transferred her share of the company to her husband.

Big business sugar. Big subsidies. We are lucky to have someone who understands them representing the taxpayer when they come up for discussion.

(An explanation as to how these subsidies keep us yeomen, rather than the Mr Tate or Mr Lyle, in Ferraris is here at Tim's)


Nothing like a 'sweetener' is there when one is after a well-remunerated government job?

As long as she remembers which side of the table she's now sitting on.

I never liked her because she is rabidly Home-Owner-Ist.

So I'm quite relieved that it appears that she - like Andrew Rawnsley - has also done things which the average man in the street can understand are deeply, disturbingly wrong

"Lansley" obviously, not "Rawnsley"

Sugar & Lyles Golden Syrup have never tasted as good as when cane sugar not beet was used. We only switched to beet under EU directives thus having a worst product & depriving the Carribean peoples of a living

In point of fact, the world market price of white sugar is actually higher than the domestic EU price at the moment. See www.bit.ly/circasugar for details.

Sugar never touches my lips.

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