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Unhealthy Pursuit

Chips, burgers, pies … call for heads to shut school gates to stop pupils' junk food binge | Society | The Observer

In the largest study of its kind, environmental health observers in 16 London boroughs observed secondary school pupils as they waited, often in long queues, to buy chips, chicken dishes, deep-fried sausages and pies. The officers then bought portions of the 73 dishes that were most popular with the children and had them nutritionally analysed. Most were unhealthy, some of them alarmingly so.

There used to be a name for shifty men who hung around where school kids gathered at lunchtime....


So, given a choice, kids prefer burgers etc to the school's healthy option. Well, paint me purple and call me a blackberry!!

The reaction of the lefty "I know what's best for you" educational establishment? Think about banning this, locking gates, confiscating lunchboxes etc.
Hey fuckwits - you're there to teach them the three Rs not to control every moment of their lives!!
You do not have the right to tell someone what to eat, it's their stomach they can fill it with anything they choose.
The sooner Gove's plan to kick out the cretins currently running our schools takes effect, the happier I will be.

I recommend the wisdom of the Hatfield Girl on this one:


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