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Brain Frying Tonight

Heavy mobile users risk cancer - Times Online

There is some heavy data digging going on here - if you can't wait until the next results are prised out in to the open and are sceptical of the pre-release media highlights here is a link to the previous summary.
The biggest risk to heavy mobile phone uses is that you will become a tedious bore, annoying all around you.


Alls physicist and all molecular biologists - including the the ones "researching" it on government grants - know that this is bollocks. The photons that make up mobile phone emissions are simply not energetic enough to mess up your DNA, which is the only way that they could cause cancer. Oddly enough, since energy is proportional to frequency the same is not true of candlelight or moonlight, which tend to also be of much higher amplitude. Romantic dinners are more carcinogenic than mobile phones. Expect a general ban any day soon.

- Rotwang

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