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Here Comes the Summer

Weather forecasters predict that we may be in for a sizzling summer - Times Online

The country wants it, research indicates it, but nobody dares to say it out loud. Whisper it then: maybe, just maybe, we could be heading for a barbecue summer.

Here's hoping, the kids deserve one, though the music won't be as good, and the alarmists would be annoying.....

Play it again...


Aslan has returned to Narnia and the Wicked Witch of the North has been banished. Of course the sun will come out.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

If the numpties at Bracknell stick to the "barbeque summer" line long enough, they're bound to get it right eventually. Indeed so confident am I that this will eventually come to pass, I'll even make another prediction:

All those warmists who've spent the past three or four years running around saying "Weather isn't the same as climate" will immediately claim the evidence of one warm summer is "proof" that global warming is a fact.

Mr. RM is right on both counts.

This is the fourth year running that they've predicted a "barbecue summer".

Given that we get roughly one decent summer every ten years, they're approaching the point where the stats are in their favour.

And yes, of course if it happens it will be "proof" of global warming, in the same way as the recent savage winter was just "part of the natural variation", and couldn't possibly disprove anything, or even cast doubt on anything.

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