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Spanish and Russian Refs Strangle Kittens

Fears for England’s 2018 World Cup bid as FA chief quits in bribe row | World Cup - Times Online

England’s hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup were thrown into turmoil yesterday when Lord Triesman resigned as chairman of the FA after claiming that Spain and Russia were planning to bribe referees during next month’s tournament.

It had passed me by that England was bidding to host the Girly Touchball Games - apparently "Becks" has handed over a 200 page book, and I gather he did all the colouring in himself with out any help. Lord Triesman had also passed me by but then I'm not a follower of ex-Communists, Labour hacks, Trade unionist or Cambridge Fellows (tautology alert).
But he may have performed the one useful service of his sorry life by pointing out that corruption and international sporting events go together like a horse and carriage.
And to reinforce it let me make clear that Russian referees are the Spaniards bitches, and we really don't want the circus here.

From a comment:


Since the country will still be trying to recover from the massive costs of the 2012 Olympics, I don't think a second spending spree in the years leading up to 2018 is actually possible.

Oh and if you think there ain't no upfront cost to hosting a World Cup, a quick look at the South African experience will change your minds. For example, we have twelve new stadia, some bigger than Wembley, which will only host two matches before being handed over to local clubs whose English equivalent would be Rushden Diamonds.

A Czech TV rugby add on YouTube -

my daughter, who played rugby union for Hampshire and is a rugby league referee has all called kick-ball a girls game. Top lass.


And one of her friends - who plays for England ladies (Rowena Burnfield) calls my daughter Becks.

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