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Get the Candles in for the Lib Dems

A note on the appointment of Chris Huhne to be Minister for Energy and Climate change.

We have seen before how cavalier Huhne is with data misrepresentation. If he is allowed to carry on with his pro-wind and anti-nuclear campaign from a position of Governmental authority, power cuts are inevitable and will be dire. People are going to die.


Has anyone considered that there might be a plan behind this?

Project yourself forward a few years. Britain, thanks to an idiotic national energy plan that dependended on windchimes, now has to buy a huge and growing chunk of its electricity from France.

Now imagine that in a totally unrelated issue, the eu is proposing something that Britain really needs to oppose, but France loves. Can you imagine the tone of the phone conversation that takes place between The Elysee Palace and Downing Street?

Which do you think is more likely?

A) Of course my Englsh freind, you must vote in your national interest, zat is what we must all do n'est-ce pas?


B) Vote 'ow I tell you, my leetle English bitch, for if you do not, I will switch off ze lights from Lands End to Jean de Groats.

Lands End? You mean Lands Fin.

Anyway: in a couple of years' time, I see Dave saying, "Look, we TRIED giving the LibDumbs a cabinet position or two, and they cocked it up -- sorry about the OAPs who died of cold, btw -- so now can we have a CLEAR Tory majority?"

That is, provided that he and t'others aren't swinging gently from the gibbet by then...

Your correction is duly noted, Mr du Toit; verily the influence of your Hugenot ancestors is awesome :-)

But if we're going frencjie perhaps it should read "Fin de Terre and Jean de Groats"

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