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An Hereditary Freeborn Englishman


That is the only document I have about my birth or where I came from; many years ago I saw another with a surname on it, but whose that was I don't know. And I don't intend to find out any more.
I'm a freeborn Englishman, untroubled by genetics, proud of my family and culture.

1. The genetic transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring.
2. The sum of characteristics and associated potentialities transmitted genetically to an individual organism.

Appearing in or characteristic of successive generations.
Derived from or fostered by one's ancestors.
Ancestral; traditional


Good man!

Private maternity home in sarf aknee, oooh la-de-da. Born wiv a silver spoon in e's marf e was.

Happy birthday, none us get to choose our parents, better you had a stable loving family to raise you.

And wots all this type Harry stuff, its arry where you come from:)

Well if she was "the girl from Cardiff" that would appear to make you a Hereditary Freeborn Welshman, would it not?

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