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One Cheer One Boo for Moonbat

What's not to like about high-speed rail? The case simply hasn't been made | George Monbiot

I wanted to be convinced of the benefits but the figures don't work – nor, for this little island, does a plan for perpetual growth

A loud cheer for Georgie as he points out that the Green Emperor of Railways has no clothes - he may even one day realise that existing passenger travel on railways also doesn't stack up greenywise.

But his argument that we must stop being so busy on this lovely little Island is a mere prejudice and just Moonbattery


He says at the end that he wants sensible discussions/plans etc "rather than a wild guess based on unfounded assumptions and dodgy figures"

And yet he believes in the Green God!! A religion entirely "based on unfounded assumptions and dodgy figures".

Truly he is a Moonbat

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