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Scotland to get more independence, can England be far behind?

Queen's Speech: Revealed: coalition to give Holyrood more powers to control income tax - Scotsman.com News

A senior source at the Scotland Office has confirmed that the recommendations by the Calman Commission are to be introduced in the first raft of legislation by the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat government unveiled on Tuesday.
This will include controversial powers to control the top slice of income tax, allowing MSPs to reduce it by as much as 10p or increase it as far as they want. It will also allow the Scottish Parliament – with Treasury permission – to create its own devolved taxes, such as the SNP's proposal for a centrally set local income tax to replace the council tax.

Excellent, I wish them well on their journey to independence. My advice would be for them to slash all the rates and watch as Edinburgh fills up with the highly paid wealth creators.
But if Scotland sets its own taxes then the West Lothian question grows even stronger and the case for the English subsidy weaker.
The Tory nation south of the border may come to power sooner than you think.


"The Tory nation south of the border may come to power sooner than you think."

Oh I do hope so!! I'd like to see an English Parliament in place well before the next election. Also the Boundary Commission needs a rocket up its collective backside to make sure they have produced equalised constituencies for the 10% smaller parliaments across the UK before May 2015 as well.

I would not necessarily want to see the total break up of the UK (Brussels would be laughing all the way to the bank unless we left the EU at the same time) but a federal state would definitely be an improvement over the current position vis-a-vis Scotland and the EU.

"...allowing MSPs to reduce it by as much as 10p"


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


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