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Giving Organic Food the Bird

Garden birds prefer non-organic food to organic, study finds - Telegraph

When offered both varieties of wheat seed, they were able to discern between the two and ate up to 20 per cent more of the conventional grown variety than the organic.
Dr Ailsa McKenzie, lead researcher based at Newcastle University's School of Biology, said the findings are likely to add to the debate over the relative merits of consuming organic food.
"Our results suggest that the current dogma that organic food is preferred to conventional food may not always be true," she said.
"We have long lost our instinctive ability to know which food is the most nutritious for us but birds have not. They instinctively chose the non-organic food."


They clearly don't know what's good for them, cheap nasty bird food full of salt and saturated fat should be banned!

And birds should not be allowed out to visit fast food shops either.

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