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The Dash for Cash

Renewables will power the country '7 times over' - Scotsman.com News

THE windfall in Scotland's grasp from offshore renewable energy has been unveiled for the first time in a major new report that reveals it could power the country seven times over within four decades.
Taking the form of more than 20,000 wind, wave and tidal devices, this would equate to more than 18 times the current amount of installed renewables in Scotland – enough to power the country more than seven times over.

It would generate £14 billion profit from electricity sales by 2050 and provide about 60,000 jobs in Scotland, according to the report by the Offshore Valuation Group, a coalition of government and industry organisations.
However, it would require vast amounts of investment, an estimated £4bn each year in Scotland alone...A spokesman for the Scottish Government acknowledged that investing in offshore renewables was "expensive".
SNP MSP Rob Gibson argued the potential financial rewards added to arguments for independence, so that the £14bn revenue from electricity sales could remain in Scotland.

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
And all the lassies shout hello
Donald where'syour troosers?

If you really believe that the investment will really produce a profit go for it, and you are welcome to to it. Why do I have an unworthy suspicion that the "investment" will actually be my mulcted taxes and the "returns" will be all yours?


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Much more 'entertainment' is coming our way...

"it could power the country seven times"

But only when the sun shines, the wind blows and the tide happens to be running your way. So on a calm, still, midwinter's night with high pressure over Scotchland and slack water at the coast you're stuffed. It would be perishingly cold there'd be no light/sun for the heavily subsidised solar cells, no wind for the bird shredders and the water toys would be doing bugger all as well.

At this point unless you have other supplies of electricity you're sitting in a cold, dark house - hypothermia is the biggest winter killer of the elderly so this "plan" (if it's even worthy of the name) is no better than a death sentence for many.

To prevent this, as well as the costs of building your pointless power infrastructure you have to pay out again and build all the backup power stations as well. Unless you are so far into the cult of The Green God that you can no longer think straight it must be obvious that this is no more than a premier grade scam.

Are elephants now beginning to nest in the Scottish rhubarb trees?
Whoever was responsible for this piece of science fiction needs medical help.
I have always been a great supporter of hydro-electric generation but in the end how many valleys can you drown? Unfortunately there are ecological consequences to any large project.
As to the other 'renewables'....... all about as useful as chocolate teapots.

Advocates of 'green energy' policy are simply not in touch with reality.
"Taking the form of more than 20,000 wind, wave and tidal devices"
The industrial capacity of western Europe would not be able to provide the plant or werewithal for such an enormous undertaking....more importantly, who's going to pay??
Back to the real world, I guess.

Ah yes, the potential is there. As is the potential of nuclear fusion, cleaner (I hear) than nuclear fission. Or perhaps the potential is of Thor making the winds blow 24/7?

A new bit, re wind farms. They are heavily subsidised here in the States (no, nuclear has to get loans elsewhere - the government may then "guarantee" they will be paid back just as the loan-profferers have already determined). And the "farmers" are allowed to charge 225-350 percent for electricity so generated vs other sources. But apparently that is still not enough...

A consortium of them (which, by the way, includes National Grid - yes, the UK's Grid) is asking custoners to "volunteer" to make "contributions" of twenty-five to one hundred percent of their current bill to pay for "development" - that is, basic researchm not putting up power lines and other infrastructure, which indicates they may not really believe what they are doing will work.


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