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Coalition Mach Frei

“Freedom, fairness and responsibility”.

We will ban the sale of alcohol below cost price.

We will review alcohol taxation and pricing to ensure it tackles binge drinking without unfairly penalising responsible drinkers, pubs and important local industries.

We will overhaul the Licensing Act to give local authorities and the police much stronger powers to remove licences from, or refuse to grant licences to, any premises that are causing problems.

We will double the maximum fine for under-age alcohol sales to £20,000.

We will permit local councils to charge more for late-night licences to pay for additional policing.

We will promote better recording of hate crimes against disabled, homosexual and transgender people, which are frequently not centrally recorded.

We will introduce a system of temporary bans on new ‘legal highs’ while health issues are considered by independent experts.

If that is increasing freedom and personal responsibility for our own actions then I'm Mary Poppins.


"increasing freedom and personal responsibility" - is THAT what alcohol does ? Hmmmm ....

Alan Douglas

In the absence of a picture of your good self, I have searched Google Images for "stereotypical Englishman". Some of the results include:




I suspect the last is closer than the other two (but I could be totally wrong, of course).
None of them look much like Mary Poppins ...

I see that the head of Tesco is joining in with the Camerloons. But if he feels so strongly about it, just put all the prices up in his stores. Mind you, although stupid, he does realise that it might lose him some custom, so he wants a cartel to protect his profits. Yes I know, bit similar to 1930s Germany, Hitler worked with industry, he did not steal it from the owners. And that was a great success.

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