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Coalition Europhilia Disgust

‘Don’t worry, wait until after the election. Dave will show what he’s made of and get our powers back’ was the paraphrased sentiment uttered by some of the regulars on ConservativeHome. ‘He’s just playing the EU down until after the election’ claimed a number of commentators. ‘He is very Eurosceptic really’ opined others. All clutched at straws and prayed for a Cameron victory so the UK could assert its primacy again and take back – with EU consent, natch – some of the key powers that a sovereign nation should possess for itself.
espite multiple promises, each less robust than the previous one, David Cameron has completed his journey from supposed Eurosceptic to paid-up Europhile, thus cementing his position as just another lying politician. The promise to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU has been replaced with this meaningless pledge :

‘We will examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences.’

A substantial number of people – opposed to the provisions of Lisbon but prepared to suspend their disbelief and give Cameron the benefit of the doubt because of the pledge to negotiate the repatriation of powers from the EU – voted Conservative in good faith. They are just about to discover they have been conned, tricked, lied to, by a self serving and sleazy control freak who will abandon any principle or promise as long as it results in power or personal gain.


I find it difficult to understand why any one fell for the "con" trick that is Cameron. He lied to get the leadership of the party for starters, from that point on it was obvious that he would continue down that path. It is noticeable that he always says Europe and never mentions the EU. That was the obvious clue from day 1.

I'm shocked! shocked! to hear that the Conservatives easily gave ground over this.

I'm sure the people over at ConHome will now be blaming UKIP for losing them the election and forcing them to drop it for the LD coalition.

Tim, you could be on to something there... :)

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