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Sea Level Latest

WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Rising sea levels warning
RISING sea levels may force people to abandon their homes within decades and the Assembly Government has not taken the urgent action Wales needs, a cross-party report published today will warn.

AFP: Rising sea levels threaten Taiwan...global warming is slowly, almost imperceptibly piling pressure on Taiwan.
Mountains cover two thirds of Taiwan, but the heart of the island's economy is concentrated in the remaining third, which stretches down the west coast and consists mostly of flat land near sea level.

The latest numbers are in:

sl_ib_ns_global.jpg +

I'm sure you can see the need for an urgent panic.


Definitely. It's just above the box on the research grant form that says "enter amount of taxpayers money to be poured down the drain"

I'm sure if you moved the axes of that graph you could make matters look much more threatening - not that any of the "scientists" involved in the AGW scam would dare to play with data - oh no!


If you intended the underlined phrase, involved in the AGW scam, to have a link behind it, it's not working (for me).

not that any of the "scientists" involved in the AGW scam would dare to play with data - oh no!

Certainly not, indeed. Why play with the data when you can (dis)play with them instead?!
A tweak here or there. A change in scale. Using smoothed values (take your pick - 15 year moving average, 25 year binomial smoothing, padding the start with low start values and the end with high end values).
All it needs is a bit of imagination and a spreadsheet and you can make sure the right message comes across to the sheeple...
"How to lie with Statistics" comes to mind.

Here is a brief and simple analysis of mean sea levels from satellite.

Pdf is here:


Web page of pdf:


Sea level trends for NOAA tide gauges and satellite data here:


It's not rising sea levels (of course), but sinking land, caused by excessive water extraction. But why let the truth get in the way of a climate scare story?

But... Look how steep that is! Oh, wait, that represents total. Which seems steady, probably since the end of The Little Ice Age. No spike or hockey-stick.

And 0.4mm/year - is that not about 4cm/century, or a bit less than two inches? OK, maybe the low-water mark at Brighton would be three meters further inland, and yes that is not a delightful prospect - but panic?

Alan Bates

Try this one


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