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Coalition Kindergärtner Colour Mixer

Blue and yellow promises to be 'greenest government ever' - Telegraph

Caroline Spelman, the new Environment Secretary, has pledged to make the new Government 'the greenest we have ever had'.
Mrs Spelman, who described herself as a keen recycler and composter, said Britain will be a zero waste society and pledged to help communities plant one million new trees.

Ruth Davis, senior political advisor to Greenpeace UK, said there needed to be more detail to the environmental pledges in the coalition agreement.
“The coalition’s commitment to push forward the international process is encouraging, but on most of the environmental issues mentioned here, we still don’t have the all-important numbers....


Meanwhile, back on Planet Reality....

You're buggered now.

"Britain will be a zero waste society"

She's emigrating?

Someone must have forgotten to tell the Tory-controlled Telford & Wrekin Council who have cut down hundreds of trees in the last couple of months. One lot of trees - at least a hundred - were cut down to make way for a new school according to the sign next to the site. They still haven't given themselves planning permission to build the school so that tells you how objective the planning decision is going to be!

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