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The truth about mosquitoes upsets warmists.

Debate heats up over climate impact on malaria spread | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Researchers criticised for saying mosquito control is more infuential than a warming world in the spread of malaria.
Matthew Thomas, researcher at Pennsylvania State University, United States, said that the study "plays down the potential importance of climate [change]".
"It is very easy to come up with a superficial model," he said, adding that this controversial area requires better science and more investigation of basic biology before reaching any firm conclusions about climate effects on malaria.

Superficial? Let's make it easy for our American friend - do you remember The Little House on The Prairie? The whole annoying family went down with "Fever 'n' Ague" or as we would call it Malaria.
Controlling malaria is all about controlling mosquitos. A degree here or there makes no difference if you don't get bitten by an infected mossie.


Something even more basic:

Malaria used to be endemic in Europe including places as far north and cold as the Netherlands. I believe it was also not unknown in Siberia. Neither of those places were or are renowned for their tropical climes.

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