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Councils use anti-terror powers to check for dog collars - Telegraph
In Workington, Cumbria, officials used the powers to investigate whether a dog was illegally being allowed out without a collar and tag. The animal was monitored and photographed in order to gather evidence.
A spokeswoman for the Local Government Association said: "We do recognise there are concerns over the use of surveillance powers by councils and all public authorities that use them do have a responsibility to use them in a way that is acceptable to local people. These powers should only be used for serious crimes such as fly-tipping, benefit fraud and rogue trading. They should be proportionate and reasonable."

"serious crimes such as fly-tipping, benefit fraud and rogue trading." - Serious? They aren't bloody terrorism, they don't endanger the economic wellbeing of the country, they are just squalid little crimes, done by squalid little people and only considered serious enough to invoke anti-terrorism powers by other squalid little people.
To be frank I prefer the odd mattress dumped in a lay-by to a council snoop with camera being there.


Once the euphoria wore off I think NuLieBore spent around a decade implementing the contents of a Stasi training manual.

I just hope DemTories really get rid of all the anti-libertarian, anti-civil liberty horrors they've been left.

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