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A papercut, not an amputation

George Osborne to unveil £6bn of spending cuts as era of austerity begins
George Osborne will unveil a £6billion package of spending cuts on Monday that will lead to the elimination of thousands of civil service jobs, sweeping efficiency measures across Whitehall and “painful” retrenchment in the wider public sector.

"Era of austerity"? A small rounding error on the £156 billion deficit, which is a massive understatement of the true figure.


Meanwhile DFID will spend 286 million in the coming year on "Global Environment Funds". up by 142 million from last year.

The deficit was predicted to be £163Bn but turned out to be £156Bn. Effectively taking £7Bn "out of the economy" (Aargh, don't get me started).

Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but this lower spending didnt bring the world to end; patients weren't left to die in hospital car parks; children weren't left in the playground due to lack of schools or teachers. Actually, no-one even noticed or realised this was happening until the stats were released.

So let's not be paying any attention to the rent seekers who tell us that Osborn's miniscule £6Bn cut is going to be remotely difficult to implement or will have any significant effect on the size of the state.

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