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A Suitable Diet

The ethics of veggie cats and dogs | Environment | guardian.co.uk
This week is National Vegetarian Week, the annual celebration of all things vegetarian. Taking the veggie option has never been easier for people, but what about vegetarian pets?

I used to have a dog that all he wanted to eat was vegetarians, hippies and lay-abouts...


Even the most fantical veggie must admit that cats and dogs evolved as meat eaters. Any consumption of vegetation (dogs eating grass etc) is usually either incidental or something they do when having digestive problems, its not their normal diet.

So feeding them on vegetables is actually unnatural for them.

Why aren't the RSPCA hunting down this criminals (that being their prime role these days rather than saving animals) and accusing them of forcing their pets to eat unnantural foods?

I have the same problem I've always had with Occidentals who "go vegetarian": they always strike me as fundamentally a bunch of cranks. One of the commenters to that article even attempted to advance the crackpot environmentalist agenda: we shouldn't even have pets at all.

What a dingy, miserable little future these hemp-shirted zealots offer!

Commenter "TVwriter" said it best: "There's a predictable stench of piety here, mingling with all that veggie flatulence."

The weather here in the Ottawa Valley is going to be about 30 C today. Time for a barbecue!

I know my dog will hover solicitously around those steaks as they grill too...

Vegetarianism for Cats is nothing short of cruelty. Cats are carnivores and there is no escaping that fact. Just because they want to live their self righteous lives does not excuse animal cruelty.

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