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Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre

After $1 trillion in aid, African countries are still worse off - Times Online

Most Africans are poorer today than they were 50 years ago. This may not prove that aid does not work, but it poses some very difficult questions: why is it that a continent that has attracted about $1 trillion in assistance is much worse off than at independence about 50 years ago? Then, countries such as Sierra Leone and Ghana had GDPs the same size or even larger than South Korea or Vietnam. Why is it that an idea that seemed so right, giving help to the poor, has proved so wrong?
The aid community has been adept at diverting attention from its failures by suggesting that critics are suffering from a lack of compassion...
In Africa, it has been an open secret for decades that aid not only does not work, but is downright destructive. In fragile dictatorial societies it has trapped recipients in a vicious circle of corruption, market distortion and even greater poverty. In contrast, the private sector invests at grassroots level, building houses and clinics for staff — not out of humanitarianism, but because a happy and healthy workforce is in its commercial interest. In such ways many more people have been lifted out of poverty than by aid policies.


Trade not Aid - break the dependency culture. To suggest Africa can only survive on handouts is to say Africans are incapable and to provide comfy jobs for benevolent westerners to oversee them.


Capitalism and self reliance works - socialism and hand outs don't.

It's not just Africa that can learn from this lesson.

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