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Himlayan Glaciers New Report New Dangers

Global warming is 'making Mount Everest more dangerous to climb' - Telegraph

He said there was hardly any exposed rock on the trail to the summit when he first climbed Everest in 1989, but now the slopes are dotted with bare rocks.
The world’s highest mountain is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with a procession of novice climbers scaling the summit
A report by scientists at University College London said the Himalayan glaciers are retreating faster than many others around the world, at rates ranging from 10 to 60 metres per year.
Professor Steve Edwards, an earth scientist who coauthored the report, titled The Waters of the Third Pole, said the effects of glacial melting posed a real risk to climbers.

And increased snow and ice would do what for climbers?


Er .... might not the fact that the paths are less covered with snow and ice have more to do with the number of feet trampling all over them. I know it's not as sexy as global warming but I have noticed that when you get lots of people walking over the same snowy spot, the white stuff eventually wears away.

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