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Science Museum to "Prove It" Again

A forum to make sense of climate science | Chris Rapley | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The Science Museum's new gallery aims to deepen the understanding of those who accept man-made global warming and inform those who are unsure.

There is evidence that reactions to climate change are often strongly influenced by people's beliefs and values. Healthy scepticism, in which claims are examined with an open mind and facts followed to their conclusion, is often replaced by a closed-minded pursuit of a prejudged position, of acceptance or denial. The situation is not helped by the discussion being framed as a debate, in which it is assumed that one "side" has the right answer, and that the purpose of the exercise is to seek out flaws and defend assumptions in order to win the argument.
This is where the Science Museum can play a helpful role. Our purpose is to make sense of the science that shapes our lives. Our gallery – "atmosphere: exploring climate science" – which will open in November, will provide a dedicated, immersive space for visitors to deepen their understanding of climate science in an enjoyable, engaging and memorable way

Will it be more successful than the last one?


In other words, they are spending more of our money on global warming propaganda.

They are incapable of scientific honesty.

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