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Safeguarding Vital Jobs in Scotland

A SCOTTISH Government agency created to get youngsters off the dole was last night criticised for spending more than £500,000 of taxpayers' money on a branding exercise at a time when Scotland is struggling with youth unemployment.
The Skills Development Scotland agency was attacked for earmarking £260,000 for 2010-11 plus £295,000 for the following financial year to publicise itself through new signs, new letterheads and corporate advertising.

The row blew up after Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray told MSPs that Skills Development Scotland was re-branding itself as Scotland The Works under a £555,000 "visual identity transition" and was planning to spend £1.68m marketing its new name.
Ministers said there was no name change and other costs were used to promote vital, job-creating services.

Job-creating, certainly. Vital, absolutely, the last thing Scotland needs is herds of pony tailed graphic designers out on the streets frightening the women and children when they can be safely chained to their Apples designing "visual identities". I'm happy to dip into my wages to help pay for this conservation scheme.


One wonders whether a investigation would reveal that this rebranding was the idea of a "consultant" who turned out to be the idiot third cousin or unemployable sister-in-law of a member of the Scottish Executive. One further wonders if the contract to design and execute the rebranding exercise hasn't, just by chance, been given to someone else with "connections".

Even if nepotism has not been a feature of this case, from what I read of the way politics is conducted in the SocialistMafia feifdom north of the border, I would not be surprised if payments of a brown paper bag nature were not involved somewhere.

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