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On the Formation of Coral Reefs

Pacific islands 'growing not shrinking' due to climate change - Telegraph

Scientists have been surprised by the findings, which show that some islands have grown by almost one-third over the past 60 years.

That is "scientists" in a special meaning of the word. Real scientists wouldn't be surprised.

Any chance it will end the greenmail by the kleptocrats of the region?

No, didn't think so...


Ecosystems have evolved to deal with all sorts of calamities, and sea levels change for more reasons than 'climate' and they always seem to forget/dismiss/ignore tectonic movement. Hard to know if it's because of scientific ignorance, or scientific blinkers.

I've never understood why islands sink because of rising ocean levels, yet this sinking is not accompanied by corresponding rises in tide levels elsewhere on other coastlines. Given that sea level is, well, level, could it be that the sinking could NOT be caused by rising oceans, but by subsiding islands?

Or am I betraying my simplisme?

Yes but are we going to get our ice age?

Sinking = AGW: not sinking = AGW.

Oh, wait, it is climate change - the thing that has been ongoing for roughly four billion years...

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