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Idol has Feet of Clay

Plans to build a 130 metre-high wind turbine to provide 5% of the energy needed to run the Olympic park have been scrapped, according to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).
Dubbed the Angel of Leyton, the turbine had been hailed as a green beacon. It was said to be key to the ODA's commitment to deliver 20% of the park's legacy energy needs from renewable sources from 2014 onwards.
The scheme, however, is "no longer feasible"..it cannot comply with new health and safety regulations by games' opening.

No Whirligig? It is like Nuremberg without an Eagle. Toppled by Health and Safety, what symbol will now represent the oppressive fatuous vacuity of the Olympics?


The solution is simple. Instead of spending billions on swimming pools, tracks, etc. etc., just have all the athletes running in treadmills wired to alternators.

"what symbol will now represent the oppressive fatuous vacuity of the Olympics?"

A giant head, eyes unfocssed, jaw hanging open, Burberry chav cap askew on top and with a massive gap between the ears where its brain should be.

A wind turbine in London is likely to produce next to nothing of use: it's one of the least windy parts of the country.

otoh, the subsidies it will farm would no doubt have been very handy for somebody; not, of course, the poor saps who'll be paying for it through their electricity bills...

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