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Happy New World

People with Asperger's, a mild form of autism, tend not to attribute events in their lives to a "higher power or supernatural force,". Conversely, the tendency of supposedly healthy people to see "intention or purpose" behind random events may stem from an overactive "theory of mind," the innate ability to sense perceptions, emotions and intentions in others. Faith is a pathology, and so is the lack thereof. Basically, we're all nuts. Who could disagree?

Autism test could make the condition 'preventable' - Telegraph
But now researchers at Imperial College London have discovered a potential way of spotting the disorder in children as young as six months old.
That would mean that intensive behavioural and social treatment could begin before the disease has caused any permanent psychological damage.

With millions of mostly boys being diagnosed with "Autistic Spectrum" this worries me. I'm not talking about the full blown rocking in the chair software geek type just what used to be just be the average stand offish masculine type. They are now labelled and will be made to conform to the required more emotional submissive status the state demands.


What do they mean unemotional? I'm the classic standoffish male, happily self-diagnose myself as borderline Aspbergers and I can get very emotional. Whenever numpties p1$$ me off I swear a lot and get violent - just like a lot of artistic prima donna types in fact.

Yes, I doubt anyone would argue against clinical efforts to detect and assist in ameliorating the worst cases of Autism.

But I agree with you here; the concept of the state tinkering with individual idiosyncracies and eccentricities is very sinister.

Here's a suggestion though : why not start with all those budding young male Islamists in the UK?

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