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For When Failure Is Not An Option

Unbreakable Army Boot Laces - Black or Brown - Free P&P

£9.99 - 20% of the final sale price will support Help for Heroes

Brown or Black and a choice of three lengths;
54" 137cm 9 - 10 pair eyelets
63" 160cm 10 or more pairs of eyelets
72" 183cm 10 or more pairs of eyelets (wider widths)


No matter what job you do, Armorlace™ is made to last. Our patent pending technology uses stronger-than-steel fibers that are specially woven and treated to create the most abrasion, chemical, and UV resistant boot and shoe laces in the world.
Armorlace™ is made with the same material used for heavy industrial strength Armorcord™ starter cords. These laces not only last, they lace up tight and never slip. So once you put on your boots, Armorlace™ will stay put and stay comfortable.

Buy on eBay here

(Disclaimer - this is an advert if you hadn't guessed - I have been using the laces for a year and liked them so much I am now selling them and the unbreakable starter cords - if you want to learn more contact me)


Do you sell the boots too?

I've been using 550 Paracord - the leather in the boots will give out before the laces do.

- TE - Pah 550lb breaking strength - ArmorLace will give you three times that, plus far superior abrasion resistance.

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