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We've never seen blood like that, say Scots from boarded aid ships - Scotsman.com News
Ali El-Awaisi, 21, was one of five Scots aboard the six vessels that attempted to break the Israeli blockade of the region and were stopped by commandos..Speaking yesterday after being deported by Israel, Mr El-Awaisi said:.."They offered me a bacon sandwich and I'm a Muslim and they were laughing at me."

A bacon sandwich? Was it a kosher one? Who can doubt the brutality of the Jews?

An Islamic charity yesterday released photos of Israeli commandos wounded in the deadly raid on Mavi Marmara. Several of the images, taken by an unidentified person aboard the ship, show an Israeli soldier surrounded by people aboard the Turkish-flagged vessel.
Osman Atalay said the images show activists "intervening" or "tending" to the injured soldiers.

I suppose that depends on the cropping...


Bacon sandwich?

I thought it was a Ham bush.

Ali El-Awaisi, 21, was one of five Scots aboard the six vessels...

That will be the cousin of Ahmed McTavish then.

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