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An Invitation that will be hard to resist

Tell us where the spending axe should fall, say ministers - Times Online

The coalition will invite the public tomorrow to take part in an internet consultation on the spending review that the Government says will help to determine where the axe should fall.

I have a little list.....


Starting with Scotland perhaps???

All those useless extra managers in the NHS for a start!

Please, please, please, sir. Let me do it. Please.

- All the fake charities would give the "little list" a good start.
- Followed by a bunch of quangos - especially those that think they can tell us what to do/eat/say/drink/think etc
- Then any quangos that are doing what the government should be doing anyway.
- Then the big stuff, admin staff/seatwarmers, benefits for wasters, public sector non-jobs, eco/green jobs

Then see how far we've got.

Meanwhile my bank has asked me to take part in a survey panel. Eh?

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