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Link Catch Up

I get so much good stuff which I really enjoy and much appreciate but sometimes I fail to weave it into the daily narrative..so to catch up:

National Socialist Marketing Centre a strategic partnership between the Department of Health in England and Consumer Focus (formerly the National Consumer Council) have just launched an online Social Marketing Planning Guide and Toolbox. This practical planning guide seeks to help you to develop and deliver effective solutions to behavioural challenges, drawing on best practice in social marketing. The guide sets out six key stages to the social marketing planning process: a broad framework for you to work within as you develop an approach that suits your needs. The National Socialist Marketing Centre will be running its second social marketing summer school from 7th-11th June in Bled, Slovenia. Building on the highly successful 2009 school, it will bring together practitioners from around the world. The programme has been designed for people working in areas such as public health and environmental protection, as well as NGOs and anyone who wants to gain social marketing expertise in a concentrated time period. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of social marketing through interactive workshops. They will leave the school with the skills and expertise to implement their own programmes. Consumer Focus is the statutory organisation campaigning for a fair deal for consumers in England, Wales, Scotland, and, for postal services, Northern Ireland. We are well-resourced to use these powers and campaign on the issues that matter most to consumers. In fact, with 170 staff, we’re the largest and the best-resourced advocacy body in the history of the UK consumer movement. We are not an advice agency nor are we a statutory regulator. Other bodies such as Consumer Direct, Citizens Advice, local authority trading standards and the Office of Fair Trading play these roles.
Accounts here - Door there - Please pick up a P45 on your way out.

National Fox Welfare Society
Childs unbreakable plastic mugs, Great gift idea for the fox fan in your family or circle of friends.
- Good luck with those....

And finally Text Drugs to 80801 - saves going out for them.


"National Socialist Marketing"

What, they've resurrected Goebbels?

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