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Councils Still Talking Rubbish

Smaller wheelie bins to boost recycling - Telegraph

Councils face multi-million fines from Europe if they do not reduce landfill and the recession looms, townhalls are planning to introduce even more draconian measures to force people to recycle and cut costs.
Bristol City Council are expected to give the go-ahead to a new recycling scheme that will employ "waste doctors" to search through the black bin bags of residents. If they find any glass, paper or other materials that could have been recycled they can hand out fines from £75 and legal action could cost up to £1,000. The 'Recycling for All' pilot scheme will also reduce bin sizes in an effort to make people cut down on waste.
The Local Government Association said "Throwing rubbish away in landfill is expensive and so it makes sense to recycle as much as possible as apart from anything else it is more economically viable and helps keep council tax down."

THE true £6.5 billion cost to the taxpayer of achieving Scotland's zero waste targets has been revealed in a new report.
The study, commissioned by the Scottish Government, lays bare the huge expense associated with diverting rubbish from landfill and instead disposing of it by methods such as recycling and composting.

Pickles ain't going far enough to stop this nonsense, but then his hands are tied by the EU, not that he would admit it.


If you have a hole in the ground, fill with rubbish then later re-use the new area of flat land then why is that not classed as recycling land?

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