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Evidence Based Policies

Independent expert advice must be respected, says David Willetts - Times Online

Ministers have been told to respect independent scientific advice and to base more decisions on sound evidence, in a drive to transform the Government’s relationship with science.
Principles that give expert advisers the right to disagree publicly with government policy have been incorporated into the code of practice for ministers.

Excellent - now all we need is for the scientists to actually rely on sound evidence rather than being policy driven as well.


On the Today Programme this was said to be due to falling levels of passive smoking. There is no mention of this in the article.

As ever, as rational beings the scientists will do what's best for their careers.
They'll sound him out, then give the minister what he wants.
Why would you think they'd do anything else?

It's called regulatory capture. They'll hoot at the moon about climatastic enviroweeni ice-melts before they give up the funding.

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