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Slopping out in Scotland

SNP plan new laws to force recycling of food - Scotsman.com News

Haggis for all then....

Councils, as well as businesses such as supermarkets and restaurants, will have to dispose of food separately from other refuse within three years, under the ambitious Zero Waste Plan, published yesterday.
The expense faced by councils and businesses to bring in the changes to rubbish collection have not been calculated, but a recent report for the Scottish Government concluded that delivering the SNP's plans would cost billions of pounds.
However, the cost of not taking action could be even higher because of looming European fines for sending waste to landfill, and landfill taxes that will go up to £80 a tonne in 2014.
New legislation will be drawn up to bring in the changes in the Zero Waste Plan. It is not yet known whether there will be penalties if local authorities and businesses fail to comply.
Food rotting in landfill releases methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times as potent as .
Iain Gulland, director of Zero Waste Scotland, said it made "perfect sense" to meet the need for heat, electricity and fertilisers using "materials we currently treat as waste, but are in fact a valuable resource".
"Delivering zero waste will mean a transformation in how we think about the things we throw away and it should usher in a new era of true zero waste technologies like anaerobic digestion," he added. "This is about economic necessity as much as being an environmental 'nice to have'."

How hard is it to understand - the food waste that goes into landfill is compacted and sealed in, it already undergoes anaerobic digestion, it produces methane which can be captured and used to create power.

Here is how it is done

The imposition of slop buckets is a cultural icon, a compulsory tithe, a mandated act of worship to the Goddess Gaia. It has nothing to do with saving resources. As Tim Worstall never tires of pointing out the act of separating the waste has a cost to the householder, the whole slop bucket system is a costly and unnecessary imposition to society as a whole.

Green MSP Robin Harper , accused the government of "simply going through the motions".

No, please no, he will be expecting us to shit a bucket next for our turds to be collected weekly to be digested....


If they renamed the landfill site something like the "Sustainable Power Generation Facility" they could a) not pay any tax to the EUSSR (it's not landfill now, its an SPGF) and b) probably get some stunning EUSSR eco-subsidy as well and c) not have to waste time and effort separating things....plus they get to sell the methane generated leccy.


The obvious thing will be for people to flush their food waste, it's just cutting out the intermediate process.

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