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Saville Fixes It

Bloody Sunday killings to be ruled unlawful | UK news | The Guardian

The long-awaited report into the Bloody Sunday massacre will conclude that a number of the fatal shootings of civilians by British soldiers were unlawful killings, the Guardian has learned.
Lord Saville's 12-year inquiry into the deaths, the longest public inquiry in British legal history, will conclude with a report published next Tuesday, putting severe pressure on the Public Prosecution Service in Northern Ireland to prosecute soldiers.

Another one of Tony Blair's expensive ideas that will come back to haunt us. Sod'em all, especially the fat cat lawyers who have milked the taxpayer to produce this farrago of nonsense. Not one of them is fit to polish a pair of boots. I hope they will be pleased with themselves with the trouble they will cause.


'ang on. The report's only going to be published next Tuesday. How much of this is just wishful thinking on the part of the leftie establishment?

Personally I suspect the reason the inquiry has dragged on so long is that Saville has been unable to find enough evidence to justify the desired outcome - Brit Bastards Murdered Innocent Catholics on Their Way to Confession. Knowing that only this result would keep the Fenians on board Tony ordered Lord Jimmy to sit on publication until he was safely out of harm's way. Gordon similarly prevaricated.

Now with the LibCons' attention fixed on the economy but perfectly positioned as the Aunt Sallies, Saville will publish what I suspect is going to be a very anodyne report that blames nobody and satisfies the prejudices of certain parties not one jot.

Who's betting the RUC aren't quietly getting their Snatch Landies out of storage for Tuesday night?

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