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Green Awards - How to get rid of the bodies - Winner

The Observer Ethical Awards 2010: Winners announced

Caroline Lucas
MEP, leader, Green Party

For doing what exactly? Getting elected? Wow!

Other winners include B&Q for services to Barbeques, Hugh Fernly Whatisname for services to Chickens, Riverford Organics for services to mouldy vegetables and my favourite;

Jupiter Big Idea Award
Resomation is an alternative to cremation and burial with added environmental benefits. The Resomation process is a water based alternative that utilises natural decomposition chemistry but accelerates it so that a body is reduced to ash in three hours rather than months or years as in burial.

I think John George Haigh - the "Acid Bath Murderer" may have got there first, I hadn't realised he was just a misunderstood green pioneer...


Surely anything strong enough to dissolve a body isn't going to be at all "green", is it?
There's no info on the site. What happens to it after it's been used?

For consumers and funeral directors the introduction of CycledLife's new, patent pending CycledBurial(TM) systems allows for pathogen free burial for a cost comparable to that of a cremation. www.CycledLife.com.

Until now, families and funeral directors had no alternatives available to them to deal with the public health risks posed by burial. It is natural for a deceased's body return to the earth, as the body decomposes. Most of the body will become liquid and enter the soil and possibly the aquifers. According to the World Health Organization, scientific research indicates that as many as 19 million Americans may become ill each year due to the parasites, viruses and bacteria in drinking water. Prions, including Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, can survive in the deceased for years. Bacterium and virus from deceased bodies have led to pandemics which have caused loss of life greater in number than all those who have died in war. The burial risks from microorganisms are solved with CycledBurial.

Glass of tap water, anybody?

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